Monday, October 22, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust: No More Starfucker at Deco

I received an email this afternoon informing me of the end of Starfucker at Deco. This is kinda odd, as I wasn't aware that I was on an email list for them, and I thought this night had died weeks ago anyway. Deco is a great club, one of my favorite places in the Tenderloin, but I'm not really surprised that this party has come to an end, since there's not that much to distinguish it from anything else happening on a Friday night. The email itself is kinda telling:

One of the things that killed this party is it's Friday night spot. Between Manhunt, Craigslist and the other Friday parties going on, people have many sinful choices in SF.

So the things that Starfucker compares itself to are hook-up sites; the message then goes on to tout the "shameless cruising in our basement" as a main feature of the last party. I would suggest that this is the reason that the party died; if all you've got to really offer is a hook-up scene, there's lots of other ways to do that, and I don't think that this is what people are looking for right now. From my conversations with people, they want fun, a sense of excitement, good music, and a place to dance. The 1970s model of the gay club as a sex scene seems to be losing some of its luster now (when was the last time you heard anything about a Bus Station John event), while the events that are picking up are those with more emphasis on style, music, and a "scene." I hope that whoever takes up the new Friday night slot at Deco realizes this and plans accordingly.

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