Thursday, October 2, 2008

Support HomoChic for LoveFest!

HomoChic, the brainchild of those queer hipster boys DeeJay PeePlay and the brothers Herrera, is bringing the love that dare not speak its name to LoveFest in all its flaming glory. The crew is putting together a float, and they need some support to both get it ready and then to get down at the actual parade. Here's what they've sent out via email, if you wanna support the alternative queer scene you should give 'em a hand or at least go and throw your hands in the air with them.

The party flyer is here.

And here's how they need some help:

Calling all butch queens!!! We need girls with tools and skills to come help us get this thing rolling.

Here's a tenative schedule:

10 am – pick up our truck
11 am – arrive at GRAY AREA (1515 Folsom)
cover truck bed, install shade structure & sound system
1 pm – move truck to AT&T PARK parking lot for further décor

If you would like to help, please call one of us. Rides can be arranged and we'll be sure to make it a fun day.

8 am – meet at AT&T PARK for final prep
10:30 am – float in place (#5) in line at 2nd & Mission
11:30 am – MUSIC!! MIMOSAS!! MAYHEM!!
12 noon – parade begins moving up MARKET ST.
(please feel free to meet us and join in the procession at any point.)
1 pm (???) – arrive and park at CIVIC CENTER
8 pm – LoveFest ends, head to TRUCK for afterparty

We need LOTS of help this day including: general float finishing, brunch set-up, mimosa mixing,

4 SAFETY MONITORS (required by LoveFest), a crew willing to help us break down
and stow the equipment back at 1515 Folsom – very close to both Civic Center and
Truck (one of our sponsors!!) where we will continue the festivities.
It's most crucial that we get some added support during and after the parade.
SAFETY IS VERY IMPORTANT!! as is cleaning up after ourselves.
Screwing either of these things up could put an end to this event.

Numbers to call:

Texxx - Float Coordinator

Allan Herrera - Float Décor

Leo Herrera - Float Promotions + Shemale Princess (duh)

Jacob Sperber - Crazy Jew

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