Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Changes Afoot at The Transfer

All you scenesters have probably noticed that changes are afoot at The Transfer - Frisco Disco got booted, Sno-Drift has moved to UndergroundSF, and Joshua J ended Big Top there when he started M4M at UndergroundSF. In addition, I've heard that general manager Yasser was fired a few weeks ago. So, you might be wondering what's up over at that grubby little dive of a club?

According to a source within the industry familiar with The Transfer and owner Greg Bronstein, the closing of Jet to expand it into the next door space on Market has caused Bronstein to turn his attention to his other properties (he also owns The Bar on Castro and Lime), and he wasn't too happy with what he saw at The Transfer. Apparently his intention is to make it "more gay," and to try and bring its cash flow up to the same level as The Bar on Castro (which reportedly brings in multiple thousands of dollars a day gross). Given that The Transfer has a crappy sound system, and is a tiny, uncomfortable dive bar in a bad location, I wonder how it will ever meet the same standards as The Bar, but then it's not my business, either.

One of the more interesting manifestations of Bronstein's attempts to remake The Transfer can be seen in a recent ad for the bar in Gloss, which goes like this:

Being Laid Off Doesn't Mean You Can't Get Laid At The Transfer
"I didn't know you could check out cute bartenders, dance to hip hop, and drink $1 drinks all at the same bar," says Bon Qui Qui

So, in an attempt to revitalize The Transfer as a gay bar, Bronstein is reaching out to cheap, unemployed fags who are into hip-hop, and has chosen someone whose name translates to something like "good who who" as a spokesperson? Yep, works for me.


Lord Kook said...

I forgot to mention the other ad, on the next page, in the same format. This one is for LIME, and features someone a little less "Bon Qui Qui" (read : straight, metro, and insufferable like the crowd at LIME tends to be), named Mike extolling the virtues of the $3.00 Mojito as an Economic Stimulus package.

I know it's tongue in cheek and all that, but I'm convinced this is why people want San Francisco burned to the ground. While thousands of blue-collar workers across the country are trying to support their families with unemployment, we're freaking out about where we're going to get our next mojito and buying used Prada at Crossroads.

Soddom and Gommorah, man. Soddom and Gommorah.

Tom Geller said...

Thank God. The Transfer -- which I used to frequent as my neighborhood bar -- has become a real hotspot for crime, idiocy, and disturbance. Every weekend I wonder why the police allow that overcrowded firetrap of obnoxious underage drunks to continue.

Not that obnoxious party-fag drunks are necessarily any better. But it'd be hard to make it worse.

Larry-bob said...

How many bars does one man need to own? What's with the bar hoarding disorder that Bronstein and his rival Natali seem to suffer from?

M said...

is this the same "Transfer" that used to be an old-folks' divey place, where you could ask the bartender for dice? the location isn't that bad but it's never going to beat out the bars in the center of the Castro.

personally, I think they should go back to their roots. betcha it'll be on the market in 6 months.