Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Bar on Castro Closing

Picked this up from the Socketsite real estate blog this morning:
Speaking of high rents in Castro... a very reliable source told me that a very profitable and VERY well known bar on Castro will be closing shop come January '09 due to the lease coming up and the increase in rent being INSANE. You know things are bad when one of (if not the most patronized) bar(s) are closing up shop... Scary.
I replied that the only two bars I could think of were The Bar on Castro and Daddy's/440 Castro, and after initially being told "think BIGGER" by the original poster (I think in response to mentioning 440 Castro), he came back with "you're headed in the right direction." Could it be that The Bar is closing? Any scoops out there?

UPDATE: I did a little digging and came up with this nugget of a blog post that seems to confirm that it is, indeed The Bar on Castro.


Anonymous said...

i heard that the sale of the boc fell through due to some (most likely shady) act of the owner. and that the potential new owners opted to purchase the entire building instead as the lease is up in january.
from the sounds of it this should be no surprise as the current owner has never been a very good business man and is most likely in debt.

Anonymous said...

According to a regular patron I know at The Cafe, they will also be closing for a few months, come February 1st for a major remodel that is...well..probably decades overdue.

The Jaded Gay DJ said...

Wow, I guess it will be salad days for Badlands with most of the other competition out of the way. I wonder when Toad Hall is going to open, it would seem a good strategic move to have it open while all the other options are down for the count.