Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Blast from the Past

Hello everyone, been a while (like, a year) since I last really posted. It's been a hurly-burly time, what with the moving and the teaching and all that, and while I'd like to say it's been a great adventure, so far it's mostly been a great trial. I could tell you all about it, but there's no fun in that, and of course no place is going to ever compare to SF, especially in terms of people and community.

Anyway, while cleaning out a storage unit I came across a box marked "rave flyers and stuff," which, among other treasures, contained Jul:Aug 2001 issue of Urb magazine, the cover of which is scanned in below. I've had a wistful few moments thumbing through it, thinking of this moment in time and how, just a month later, everything would change completely. As the decade draws to an end I find myself thinking about dance culture then and now as well. When I first went to the Love Parade in 1995 I found myself drawn to a a culture that was expressing genuine utopian desires, and when Amp was on MTV, and I first started really getting into the scene a few years later, I really believed that a cultural revolution was taking place alongside the technological one. In hindsight, I was pretty naive, but it was a nice dream while it lasted.


Larry-bob said...

Wow, long time no blog! I recently moved and have been sorting through lots of boxes of old papers, magazines, flyers, etc. Seems to have awakened some old neurons and I have old shards of music floating through my head.

SeanF said...


Glad to see you're back! I check this blog once every few weeks and finally see you've posted. Is the new job working out?

And yes, there's no way you could not miss SF.


Joshua Disco-Fixed said...

I think I may very well have that issue tucked away along with my old yearbooks at mom's!

Just happened across your blog after doing a Google search for Fag Fridays, and discovered that it is no more, alas. I still check out Ghettodisco on Fridays, but will miss the old days of Fag Fridays.

Hope you are enjoying Baltimore (have you run into John Waters yet?), and that you are able to keep up the blog!