Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Event Review: Reader Comment on Frisco Disco

Found this in the old inbox this morning, a comment on Frisco Disco from another party trouper of my acquaintance:

Woah. I have a few thoughts about this party.

Ok, so the music was decent...when the DJ was spinning. Then what was up with the lame ass live music. They couldn't even get the vocals working (for the part of the show I stayed for before taking my final elbow to the kidneys) or produce any harmony AT ALL. And finally...the people...well lets call the "bratterati" - - you know those youngens in the their tight at the ankle jeans, skewed hair cuts and some black striped t-shirts. Where did they all come from? "my momma never taught me no manners", USA? Seems like it. I almost smacked this woman after she pushed her way through the crowd with a sack on her shoulder that had no less than a gallon of milk and a side of ham in it. Fucking bitch.

Sure the music was good but the crowd was insufferable. Shame on them.

Well, meow then. I passed up Frisco Disco on Saturday because it was looking just too crowded, and my haircut didn't go with those of the kids standing in line, but had I know that another old and cranky party guy was there, at least we could have been bitchy about it together.

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Anonymous said...

I was there that night too and I would have to agree.