Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SFWeekly Digging the Dirt on Paul Addis

You know, it's sometimes really nice to take a stand about something, and then be vindicated. In my case, it was coming out and saying that I thought Paul Addis was a narcissistic jerk playing out his Hunter S. Thompson fantasies when everybody else I knew seemed to think that he was a provocative performance artist. When he was busted for his alledged attempt to "blow up" Grace Cathedral I felt a little pang of satisfaction, and now Sucka Free City in the SFWeekly has dug up some really interesting information about this local "hero;" first the restraining order placed against him for allegedly threatening students at Grace Prepatory School, and then charges of harassment and unlawful use of a weapon when he got pissed off with a hotel clerk in Seattle after his American Express card was refused. The paper wanted to talk with Addis about these past events, but his jailers have - quelle surprise - judged him "mentally unfit" to sign the waivers necessary to talk with the media. So, Chicken John, what do you think of your hero now?


Anonymous said...

yup, a total dickwipe. i hope i win my $20 bet that he actually spends time in prison (as opposed to the loony bin.)

tgeller said...

RIGHT ON. Now watch all his too-cool-for-school supporters deny that they were cheering him on.

By the way, my captcha text (to post this comment) was "jdong". Ha!