Sunday, February 20, 2011

Changes Afoot at Pirate Cat Radio

From Mission Local comes news of changes afoot at San Francisco's favorite scrappy, underground pirate radio station, Pirate Cat. It's unclear exactly what's up, but it seems that the founder, Daniel Roberts, has turned his attention to a low-wattage radio station he's "acquired," sort of, in Pescadero, leaving it up to the current PCR crew to reform the radio station along more collective lines. A quick check just now confirmed that their iTunes stream is down, and since I'm not in the city I can't tune in to see if they're broadcasting at 89.7, but here's hoping that the Pirate Cat will soon be back on the air.

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DJ Starbuck said...

Worry not - PCR is back on the air!

Check out for shows, schedule and news

And our community space & cafe is open as usual at 21st and Florida in the Mission district