Thursday, July 19, 2007

Your Saturday Guide for July 21, 2007

Oh boy, a little gay underground BM fundraiser for the infamous StiffyLube camp. Maybe I'll see you there, if you can recognize me NAKED!

This new party at The Cinch features "electro-burlesque," "filthy go-go boys" and "circus acts." Well, that's quite a bit of entertainment right there. With DJ Malakai, I believe that they're going for an electro groove, and this is a fun place to hang out on the Polkstrasse, so go check it out for something different.
9PM - Close (whatever that means)
No cover listed
The Cinch, 1723 Polk between Clay and Washington

Drunk and Horny
Sorta like those high school parties you'd wished you'd had. Get drunk, flirt with boys, and dance to good-time party standards. Reliable, easy-going, and a short stumble home. Check out my review of Drunk and Horny.
9PMish - 2.00AM (with maybe an afterparty)
Underground SF, 424 Haight Street x Webster

Frisco Disco at The Transfer
This night just recently started up and I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but with tunes provided by the likes of Jefrodesiac and Richie Panic, and Lady Meleksah as the cruise director, there's some great potential for a good time. This Saturday is even Richie Panic's birthday!
No cover listed
9.00PM - 2.00AM
The Transfer, Church at Market

Monthlies and One-Offs

The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends:
StiffyLube Fundraiser - "Hot Men and Dirty Boys"
Okay, I don't know if this party needs any more description, the title says it all. Buuuuutt there's more - a bar, music by Honey Sound System, a hot tub, yeah baby, that's what I'm talkin' about. Dress to impress, then undress!
Location TBA at the website (but I know it's a swank private residence)
All Night
$10 in uniforms or playa wear, $20 in street clothes

Kompakt's The Field at RxGallery with Broker/Dealer
A little German techno with a side of local talent for your Saturday night? Check out The Field with Broker/Dealer DJing at the Rx, the best little space in the worst little block of the 'Loin.
9PM - 2AM
$12 - $15 at the door
RxGallery, 132 Eddy at Mason

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