Thursday, August 9, 2007

And July's Top Five Winners Are . . . .

So I've got this blog hooked up to Google Analytics, and besides providing me with hours of obsessive-compulsive entertainment and chart analysis, one of the things I get to see are the keywords that bring people to my site. It's a glimpse into the interests of the locals, as well as the really, really bizarre things that people the world over want to know about. So here, my friends, are the top five search terms (minus the sfscene keywords), as well as the five that cracked me up the most, for the month of July (and how I think folks wound up at my site because of them)

Top Five July Search Terms
  1. rhythm society +event
  2. modyfier (the blog)
  3. gentleman's techno
  4. dj bryan hughes
  5. vintage 415
I'm pretty sure Terrance Allen would be in this list too if anybody could figure out the proper combinations of a, e, r, and l in his first and last names.

Top Five July Most Absurd Search Terms
  1. zebra clubs sex (because I mentioned the Zebra Club in North Beach in a post about noise ordinances and clubs)
  2. what to mix with an 8ball of coke (mash up "mix," 8ball of the Space Cowboys, and my postings about coke in the club scene, and this is what you get. My answer would be a couple of really strong drinks, but that's just me).
  3. tittyfuck scenes (because of Trauma Flintstone's famous "Tittyfuck" song, no doubt)
  4. review of exercise CD for fat people (I have no idea on this one)
  5. meth mixes (what's this supposed to mean, stuff to listen to while on meth, or meth recipes? Again, mash up meth with DJ mixes, and this is what you get)
Notice any patterns here, kids? It's all about the sex and the drugs out there in the big bad world.

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Jacob said...

Terrance Alan.

Trust me, thats my boss.