Monday, August 6, 2007

Event Review: Lucky Pierre at The Stud

Friday night the boyfriend and I made it out to The Stud for the sixth monthly installment of Lucky Pierre, and despite my knees being blown out from a solid day of moving, toting, and arranging, the scene re-invigorated me to such a degree that I not only danced, but was able to forget for a while about transferring utilities, mollifying past and potential landlords, and pondering existential issues surrounding co-habitation with a boyfriend for the third time in my life.

We arrived around eleven and the crowd was already pretty lively; a round of strip poker was going on in the side room, in the back curtained room there were casting couch auditions for Factory Video, and Coco Chanel was everywhere doing her best to convince attendees to follow her into one room or the other. That Coco actually knew how to be a hostess, instead of just having her name under "Hosted By" on the flyer, was one of the things I enjoyed best about this night; twice she came over and talked to me, once to try and coax me onto the casting couch, the second time she handed me a dollar and told me to tip one of the dancers on stage and "smile pretty" for the cameras (more on that in a minute). As her partner in Pierre, Dan, told me, the goal of Lucky Pierre is to have a "playful sexuality," and in that regard Coco is the ideal hostess, helping the guests to feel comfortable and inspiring all sorts of naughty behavior. There are plenty of opportunities for interaction beyond the usual club standing and posing, whether it's tipping go-go boys, playing a couple hands of strip poker, or just getting out onto the dancefloor and sidling up to a cutie.

The crowd reminded me of the boys who would show up for Jeff and Gary's Reform Skool parties; more on the alterna side, more of what I've come think of as SoMa boys, though there were a few older SoMa queens around as well. We were accompanied by our friends Matt and Alex, the latter a habitue of The Lone Star and Bearacuda who was of the opinion "there are a lot of cute guys here," while I spotted a ginger-haired lad who works out at my gym and who I will now definitely be watching more closely as he uses the Roman chair. It was overall the sort of crowd that is into witty and artistic t-shirts, but who will probably take them off with very little prompting.

DJs for the night were Donimo (Substance) and DJ Six (Now Hear This) spinning indie electronica and electro. and over two hours we heard tracks from the likes of MIA, Depeche Mode, Justice, and New Young Pony Club, as well as the classic homodisco track, "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record Baby)" from Dead or Alive. The music had enough motive force to get me out onto the dancefloor after thinking I wouldn't even make it out for the evening, which is really all that needs to be said.

Lucky Pierre is definitely a scene; there are lots of camera flashes throughout the evening, and all it takes is one look at their myspace page to see that winding up in a photo or video clip is one of the highlights of the evening. Ordinarily this would bother me, but in this case I think it goes hand-in-crotch with the spirit of the evening; this is a party where anyone who shows up is a star and part of the action, rather than just certain scene kids. Next month's Lucky Pierre is Hair Do's (or Don'ts), and I'll definitely be spiking up the mohawk for it - after all, I want to look good for my close-up.

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