Monday, March 17, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Hey kids, you know what sucks? Viruses that aren't quite the flu, but are easily among the worst colds you have ever had. That's what I spent most of last week, and this weekend, contemplating, as I dosed myself with Nyquil, laid on the couch, listened to NPR, and futher discovered how nice it is to have a kitty curled up with you and purring when you feel truly awful.

As a result, I'm afraid I don't have much to report on for this past weekend; I did make it out for a drink at Bender, but I didn't have any real stamina for the events I really wanted to check out, like Audion at Mighty, or Boys Noize at Fat City. Sooooo, if any of you did make it out to something cool over the weekend, tell us about it in the Comments section so your fellow readers won't be deprived of their weekly dose of scene reportage.

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Anonymous said...

hello! you want a comment? here it is: i went to mighty's audion, and must say, wasn't that impressed at all. i heard nicola baytala for the first time, and must say: he impressed me the most that night. i loved how he rocked the dancefloor, and felt light streaming through me... very cool :-) i also read your report on the stockhausen event, and am sad i missed that. it seems you have an interesting music taste that might be similar to mine, and am wondering if you are open in trading music. i've got tons of experimental/electronic/minimal stuff... write me if you want at annanina80[at]gmx[dot]de