Monday, March 3, 2008

Event Review: The Last Fag Friday

My main review for the end of Fag Fridays is up over on Beatportal, so you should check it out there. But, the one thing I couldn't mention in that article is that David and Jose of Fag Fridays are starting a record label, Thread Recordings, and their first single, "The Rhythm," by David Harness, will soon be available on (I couldn't mention this because Traxsource is a competitor to Beatport).

It was a very fun event, to sum up, though the crowd was definitely more mixed than straight-up fags, and I'm starting to understand, now that I've seen it full, why people have issues with Pink as a space. Simply put, it's got no flow. When the dancefloor is full you're constantly being bumped by people trying to get through to the restrooms or coat check, and then there's that corner you have to turn to in order to get to the back bar. It's a weird space, and I would find it difficult to spend a lot of time hanging out there (plus, I don't usually hang out in places that advertise bottles of Dom Perignon for $300 on the mirrors behind the bar).

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