Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update on Promoter Permit Legislation

This past Friday I got together with Ted Strawser of the SFParty Party, Tenderloin community activist Julian Davis, David Peterson of Fag Fridays and Temple, and Sister Barbi Mitzvah of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to talk with Supervisor Bevan Dufty about the new promoter permit legislation proposed by Sophie Maxwell. I'm pleased to say that Supervisor Dufty supports our position that this legislation will have a severe negative impact on San Francisco nightlife, that it impacts independent hobbyist promoters and non-profits more than the "rogue" promoters it's supposed to, and that, in the end, it really makes no sense. He told us flat out that he wouldn't support it when it came to a vote of the Board. If, that is, it comes to that; it might be possible to convince Sophie Maxwell to withdraw the legislation entirely, and wheels are turning behind the scenes with that goal in mind. Meanwhile, the next legislative step is a hearing before the Entertainment Commission on Tuesday, April 1, at 4.00 PM.

If you're concerned about this legislation, you can check it out on the SFGOV website (click the link for 080321, Promoter permits), then send an email to your Supervisor, or attend the meeting of the Entertainment Commission on April 1 to let the Commissioners know how you feel about it.


Anonymous said...

Good. Sounds like another attempt by Terrance Alan to shut out any new/upcoming/unknown promoters from the scene, ensuring a monopoly for people such as himself and people such as John Wood to control a monopoly when it comes to the nightlife in SF.

Great for them (to make a bigger profit), bad for culture.

The Jaded Gay DJ said...

Actually, both John Wood and Terrance Alan are very opposed to this legislation, and Terrance even met with a group of us when we first starting to organize the opposition to explain to us how it came about and what we could do about it. If you read further up the blog, you'll see an announcement he sent out to everyone earlier this week about the April 1 hearing, where we can go and let our views about this legislation be publicly known.