Monday, April 7, 2008

500 Posts!

A memorable milestone, 500 posts as of Saturday! That's roughly a post a day for the slightly longer than a year that this blog has been running. Seems like a good time to take a moment and reflect on what a year this has been. I've certainly made some new friends through writing SFScene, and gained the enmity of a few people as well (I've been really quite surprised at how seriously people take the things I write, since I'm really not anybody special). It has given me good excuses for going out on the weekends ("I have to find something to write about for the blog") and has also, at times, been a real drag going out on the weekends, simply to find something to write about. I'm happy that San Francisco nightlife seems to have been gaining strength during the time I've been writing this, but also somewhat disappointed in the general lack of vitality that permeates the club scene - at best it seems that there's only enough of a market for nightlife to sustain two or three events on any given weekend evening. I still think that there's lots of room to develop the gay scene, especially when you look out and realize that there are only a small handful of people responsible for most of the gay nights in the city, and often they are only reiterating one of an even smaller number of themes or musical genres.

There have been a couple of times when I've considered giving up this blog - after the furry incident, for example, when I learned the error of taking on an entire Internet-enabled community - but I still like to think that I'm doing something, in some small way, that has an influence on San Francisco's cultural fabric, even if it's just by making other people aware of what's going on and what might be worth checking out. So, I think I'm going to try and tough it out for another 500 posts, taking some of what I've learned from the previous 500 to make this blog something that even more people will want to read. To those of you who've sent me emails, subscribed, and commented, thanks so much, I hope you'll continue on with me in this excursion into the San Francisco demimonde.

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