Monday, April 7, 2008

Event Review: Lucky Pierre Update

The boyfriend, J, our friend Victor from Seattle, and I stopped into Lucky Pierre on Friday night and found that, after going for over a year, the scene is still hopping. It was Charisma Glitterati's birthday party, and the dance floor was going from 10.30 until we finally took off after 1. DJ6 and Donimo kept the beat rather poppy through the first part of the evening, but then reached down into their bags for some harder tracks with the sawtooth bassline growl that I love later in the evening. I also have to give props to Lucky Pierre for the best integration of drag performance with music and the dancefloor that I've seen in San Francisco; no stopping the dancing to make everyone watch, no MC, just the DJs mixing in the tracks and the girls getting out there to strut their stuff, taking the energy up a notch higher than bringing everything to a screeching halt. With the weather warming up finally I think the boys are going to warm up as well, so when you're feeling frisky next month head out to Lucky Pierre for some great music, fun drag, and sexy strip poker.

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