Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your Friday Guide for July 18, 2008

Weeklies and Bar Nights

Cosmic Gypsy Happy Hour with DJ Mak at the W Hotel
Get your lounge groove on with DJ Mak in this swank hotel bar.
6PM - 8PM
W Hotel, 181 3rd Street x Howard

KillSwitch Happy Hour at UndergroundSF
This week it's Killswitch x 2, with the techno techno until 2AM! Guest DJs
Roman Stange of Auralism, Emilio Orlandi, Mossmoss of Racecar, Tomkat (Bassaholics Anonymous), and J_Moody, with residents Javaight and dCOY.
6PM - 2AM
UndergroundSF, 424 Haight x Webster

The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends
: Charlie Horse at the Cinch
Best place to go out and have a cheap drink while being entertained by drag queen antics. Music by DJ Dirty Knees and Bearzbub is more rock and new-wave oriented, but at least it won't interfere with your conversation. Check out my latest review of Charlie Horse at The Cinch.
9PM - close

The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends: Sick! at The Matador
A nice dive bar with techno tunes, a perfect place to start your night or to spend it. Residents D Spurlock, Jeffrey Allen, Jonathon Neil, Kuze, and Meekrob. Check out my review of Sick!
9PM - 2AM
Matador, 10 6th Street x Market

GhettoDisco at The EndUp
GirlFriday with Pam Hubbock, Hawthorne, Frank Wild, and Jim Hopkins.
11PM - 11AM
FREE before midnight, $15 until 2AM, $20 after 2AM
The EndUp, 6th x Harrison

Blow-Up at The Rickshaw Stop

The Era Disco Tour with DJ Sin and Luvtek.
10PM - 2AM
$10 for 21+, $15 for 18-21
The Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell at Van Ness

Monthlies and One-Offs

Loose at the Stud
DJs Donimo and Six, party games with Artemis Chase, go-go boys, and a dark room.

The Stud, 9th x Harrison

Shark Attack! at the Cat Club
Orko, Starr, Rubyacht, and Macro spin dark indie electro pop minimal prog dance.
9PM - 2AM
FREE before 10, $5 after
Cat Club, 1190 Folsom x 9th


Anonymous said...

went to the cat club to check out shark attack, and some entirely different kind of club night was going on there. definitely wasn't inviting =(

The Jaded Gay DJ said...

Ouch, sorry to hear that, but thanks for the tip. I didn't check all my usual sources this week to make sure the clubs were still happening, but will make sure to take them off the schedule. Do you know what it was called by chance?

Anonymous said...

i don't think it had name. i just checked the cat club web site, and indeed the site says that shark attack was supposed to be transpiring. but indeed of dark indie, which i was totally in the mood for last night, i got a bombardment of disorienting high pitched popping sounds and other strange noises (not sure what style that might be called). ordinarily i'd be up for exploring new musical territory, but there were about five people in the club who all seemed to know each other, and i was the token gay outsider. so, yeah.
one good thing came out of it, though, i heard the most awesome spoken word type vocal layered between songs, and now i'm trying to find where it might live on the internet.