Thursday, August 14, 2008

Event Review: Get Lucky at The Makeout Room

Okay, so one of the things leading to my recent, um, reticence around keeping the blog going has been a real lack of things I felt I could write about enthusiastically (there's actually a very long post about this brewing, but I'll spare you for the moment). However, last night I went out to such a neat space, and had such a good time, that I have to tell you all about it.

Candy and DJ6, of Bender fame, have started a new night called Get Lucky at The Makeout Room on 22nd and Valencia. It's every second Wednesday, and last night was their "soft launch" as they have to skip next month due to scheduling conflicts, so October will be their real grand premier. The music is the kind of dark-infused synthpop and electro that these kids do so well, but in digs that are well beyond that rathole known as The Transfer where they started out.

The Makeout Room is huge, and someone described it as having "creepy hunting lodge" decor on Citysearch. True, there are bejeweled deer heads, including one festooned with bras, and a head in a jar on the bar staring at you though big horn-rimmed glasses. There's also a crazy collection of silver Christmas tinsel and disco balls showering down from the ceiling, but what I liked best was that, OMG, there were actual booths and tables where you could sit down and have actual conversations! That's right, it's not just a place where you have to stand around posing with a drink in your hand, you can relax with your friends and not be overwhelmed by the music OR you can get up and dance around on the very spacious dancefloor. Last night there were plenty of people involved in both activities, including a group of about eight young women in almost identical outfits of black tops and jeans who danced together in a way very reminiscent of a Robert Palmer video (we left just as they started straddling the big support poles and posing for photos). Lord Kook took to the decks for about an hour and recreated a bit of the old Drunk and Horny vibe, and everybody seemed to have a really great time. Oh, and did I mention that well vodka drinks were $2 until 11PM? Let the partying begin.

Let's see, good music, fun decor, ample space for hanging out, ample space for dancing, and cheap strong drinks - what the hell more do you people want? On October 8 get your ass down to The Makeout Room and have an unpretentious night of drinking and dancing, you know you need it!

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Anonymous said...

I heart the make out room...sometimes!

Also, there is going to be a great queer ladies event at Bambuddha lounge on Augu 24 from 2-8 pm. It's sponsored by MTV and KYLD 94.9 FM. MTV will be looking for new contestants for the 3rd season of A Shot At Love...spread the word. It will be an AMAZING Time..guaranteed!