Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last FSLD at Deco/Pup and Lord Kook on the Playa

Hi everybody,

breaking radio silence briefly to remind you all that Lord Kook and I will be hosting the last Fuck Shit, Let's Dance (FSLD) at Deco Lounge next Friday, August 22nd, from 9PM - 3AM, and this time it's FREE! It's been a lot of fun, and real learning experience, so we hope you all will come out and party with us at this location one last time. After Burning Man we have some plans in the works to start up another night in a location that's a bit more central and well-known, all of which will be revealed in good time.

Then on Saturday it's off to the Playa! We'll be at 7.30 and Alicante, with the Pixel Zombies camp if anyone wants to stop by and say hi. We're a camp of four people, but you'll be able to find us by the giant television we're setting up. Starting on Tuesday we plan on having a great line-up of programming for anyone who wants to contemplate media and the American Dream. Lord Kook and I will also be doing some DJing. On Monday night Lord Kook will be spinning synthpop at Camp Lustre, and then on Wednesday we'll be running all over the place: from 6-8PM we'll be tag-teaming at Space Elevator, then from midnight to 1AM Lord Kook will be at Lustre again, followed by another tag team matchup from 1-3AM at Camp Zoom, which will be hosting the Homo Depot party. Hope to see you on the dusty dancefloor!

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