Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The End of 222 Hyde?

A reader just sent me a tip that Club 222 is closing at the end of September, and a rather cryptic note, as well as comments on their Myspace profile, seem to confirm this. So, no more Lights Down Low, no more Techno Tuesdays, no more Garth & Jeno back to back. Anybody got the scoop? You gotta wonder what this town is coming to.

Update: Another tipster pointed me to this All Shook Down blog post from SFWeekly's Jennifer Maerz that confirms that the owners have sold the space and may be opening another club in the Mission. I guess they got tired of a neighborhood where people in the neighboring buildings threw bottles at the people smoking outside the club.


Anonymous said...

more info is provided here:


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am GLAD. I liked the vibe of 222 Hyde, but I will not miss it. As long as the same owners open up elsewhere I will follow, they are very cool! :)

krif said...

I will miss it! Of all the places I traveled to over the world, 222's atmosphere and staff is in the Top 5.

Maybe I'm wrong (but I'm German), I like that it looks more like New York than SF, the staff is the most relaxed I've ever experienced and they should get big kudos for presenting the most diverse event selection which such credibility.

I hope they'll find a new place but to be honest, I liked the location right in the TL, where there was nothing similar around.