Monday, September 8, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust: No More Hot Mess at The Stud

Over the weekend a source familiar with The Stud's booking situation told me that Gus Presents will no longer be presenting Hot Mess at The Stud. According my source, Gus wanted to bring in his own bar staff, and to take a bigger percentage of the bar income, to which The Stud said no.

With the loss of Trannyshack and Hot Mess, as well as Lucky Pierre and Heat/Loose, and only David Harness' Manifesto to support Friday nights, one wonders what will become of The Stud in the days ahead. It looks to me like they really need to find another strong night for Saturdays to keep things afloat, though I have no idea how well Planet Big and some of the other monthlies are doing there.

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