Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No More Big Top at The Transfer?

Just before heading off to the playa I heard from a pretty reliable source that, along with Frisco Disco, Big Top had also been banished from The Transfer. Given that Big Top always seemed to do quite well, it makes one wonder, if the rumor is true, what's going on there? I've heard a few speculations, but since they're just that, I won't repeat them here.

Since Joshua J is starting up a new party at UndergroundSF on Fridays (M4M), and recently had Booty Call at The Bar hailed as one of the best gay nights by SFWeekly, I'm sure that the demise of Big Top won't really affect him very much. Still, you have to wonder exactly what they're trying to do at The Transfer, and who else they'll shaft in the future.

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Lord Kook said...

Meanwhile, the Transfer gets a newcomer like TITS, of which the Guardian says, well, honestly really not much. The night doesn't really sound that much different than Frisco Disco or Big Top, except (for the moment), there might be less obvious cocain hoovering. If anything it sounds like they took the two parties and just smashed them together between a big pair of sweaty dyke boobs.

How long, however, before the TITS folk draw too much unsavory attention to the club with their "drag shows and break-dancing, birthdays and binge drinking, broken bottles and blood" aesthetic and go the way of the FriscoBigTopDiscoBender? And in the end, who the fuck really cares?