Friday, January 16, 2009

And the Bar on Castro Will Now be Known As . . .

Qbar. Yes, Qbar. That's what it says on the sign for application of change of ownership.

Qbar. I keep trying to figure out the conversation that must have taken place between the new owners as they were coming up with that.

"What are we gonna call it?"
"I dunno, The Bar always sounded really good."
"Yeah, but we can't call it that. We need something new, something different, you know?"
"Something that says 'this is it, this is THE gay bar on Castro'".
"Hey, I know," one of them says, his eyes lighting up. "Let's call it QBar - you know, like Queer Bar!"
"Yeah, I like that, you know, it's still got the Bar part in it, and it says just what kind of bar it is!"
"Yeah, it's like The Bar, but more! QBar!"
"That's it baby, file the papers!"

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Anonymous said...

i actually have a recording of that conversation. that was it. word for word.