Monday, January 12, 2009

Stonehenge: Paleolithic Trance Venue

As reported in Discovery Online, a British acoustics expert, Rupert Till, has been looking at Stonehenge and has "discovered that Stonehenge's megaliths reflect sound perfectly, making the stone circle an ideal setting for listening to repetitive trance rhythms." The article goes on:
Till speculated that most likely Stonehenge's music consisted of a simple rhythm played in time to the echoes in the space, at the same tempo as the echo, or at a multiple of it.

"This would be at a tempo of about 160 beats per minute, a fast tempo. It is interesting that this is the tempo of fast trance music, of samba...It is at the top of the range of musical tempos. It is also at the top end of the range of the human heartbeat, the same as the heart might beat if you were doing really vigorous exercise, or dancing really energetically," Till said.
Dancing outdoors at night sure makes me feel like a pagan, but 120-130 bpm works just fine for me,that gabba stuff just wears me out too fast.

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