Monday, March 12, 2007

Battlecry Brings Fresh Chicken to San Francisco!

Walking around the Castro with the boyfriend on Saturday we noticed an increase in packs of scruffy adolescent and barely-legal boys skulking about, many with cute Emo haircuts, piercings, and tattoos. At first we thought that housing prices had collapsed overnight, bringing some much-needed variety into the Castro boy market, but then we guessed that all these younguns were in town for Battlecry, the Kristian Youth Movement's version of the Nuremberg Rally (pix and mind-blowing quotes here.) We couldn't imagine what they were doing in the Castro, perhaps they were torn between a desire to look into the face of the beast and to do a little shopping at Rock Hard. Of course we had our own ideas about the Castro tour we would give them, one that would ultimately demonstrate, no doubt, that their fantasies about life in the Gay Mecca were far more interesting and outrageous than anything that could possibly exist in reality.

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