Thursday, March 22, 2007

bRave Your Ass Off! in Seattle

Though based in Seattle I can't help but make mention of the truly fun parties and overall swell attitude of the Simply Shameless crew. The boyfriend and I first met them some two years ago at their annual "Bloody Valentine" party, where I had a nice chat with Derek Fisher, an old-skool British raver who at that time was a main player in the Shameless crew. The best quote I got from him was "Yeah, whatever happened to the idea that parties were places to go have fun and get fucked up with your friends?" Indeed.

Simply Shameless has since gone on to become one of the main forces in the Seattle electronic music scene, dropping electro, techno, and whatever else they feel like at parties in clubs like the ReBar and Chop Suey, and have brought to town great new artists like ModeSelektor and Jamie Liddell. Whenever the boyfriend and I have to venture north for family affairs we always check out the Simply Shameless website to see if there's anything going down with these kids. I love them most because their concept of a good time still includes that now-despised word "rave." If you're up in Seattle and want to have fun at a party getting fucked up with your friends, check out the Simply Shameless crew.

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