Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More News of the How Weird Street Faire

DATE:  Sunday May 6, 2007
TIME: 11:11 am to 5:55 pm
ENTRANCE: 12th & South Van Ness Streets, San Francisco
COST: Requested donation of $5 in costume, $10 without (kids free)
All proceeds benefit two Bay Area non-profit organizations.


A fundraiser and celebration for the World Peace Through Technology Organization (
Direct from Justin, Marketing Coordinator for the How Weird Street Faire:

Once again, the center intersection of Howard and 12th Streets will be filled with a mandala of grass – an urban crop circle – a place to relax and connect. This year will feature a special new area called "Ambient Alley" on Kissling Street, a place to escape with chill down-tempo music. The rest of the faire will feature seven dance stages powered by bio-diesel, and one sound system completely powered by humans on bikes! This will be the last event on Howard Street.
The How Weird Street Faire got its start on Howard Street because that was home to the CCC,
aka the Consortium for Collective Consciousness, a commune-ish warehouse space filled with
the kind of kids who travelled
to Goa, trafficked in various doo-dads and clothes from the
developing world, and threw Goa Trance parties (which were
super exclusive, and if you were
dressed like a candy raver, you weren't getting in). It's a bit of a shock to learn that the How
Weird Street Faire will no longer be on Howard Street, and raises the question of where it will be located, if anywhere, in 2008.

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