Thursday, March 22, 2007

SF Bloggeratti

Thanks to an invite from Ted Strawser of the San Francisco Party Party I found myself in the company of bloggers from SFist, BeyondChron, and other San Francisco mini-media empires at Zeitgeist last night, where I discovered that bloggers are much like their old-media journalistic counterparts when it comes to liver capacity. I had some great conversation with folks like E. Doctor Smith (who plays an interesting electronic instrument of his own invention) and Joe Eskenazi of BeyondChron, and got an editor of a major San Francisco weekly stoned. As we passed the pipe he introduced me to a friend of his who turned out to be DJ Smoove of the Space Cowboys (among other affiliations). We wound up having a discussion about whether or not another DJ who was a friend of theirs had recently turned into a "trance bitch," which of course got me going since I considered said DJ to be more of a progressive house DJ, based on the couple times I've heard him. The crux of the matter was whether or not progressive house was the same as progressive trance, and you can guess where I came down on that. Things concluded with the the acknowledgement that "progressive" could be applied to any kind of dance music (including breaks, kids, let's not forget about what breaks would be like without builds and breaks), and that there really was a difference between progressive house and progressive trance. This is what happens when you get into stoned conversations with a breaks DJ on one side and a techno/trance DJ on the other - lots of pissing to mark territory. The entire affair put me in a mischievious mood, hanging out with all these alternative media types and getting soused on a school night, and I look forward to the next gathering of the SF Bloggeratti.

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