Thursday, January 24, 2008

1015 Going Rock!

Well here's a kicker: according to this article in the SFWeekly, 1015 is about to transform into a rock club, complete with a marquee on the outside and a name change. Not a huge surprise, as the only things that have really seemed to do well there lately have been big-name DJ nights, which are generally few and far between; otherwise, much of the club's capacity has gone unused, and many a night I've passed it by when it was just a darkened monolith of concrete. Perhaps by booking in rock acts they will be able to get more use out of that space during the week, and also dispel some of the general bad vibes that have settled upon it. It will definitely be the end of an era, though, as I doubt that they will continue on with the electronic music scene: too many hassles, not enough profit.

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