Friday, January 18, 2008

Your Saturday Guide for January 19, 2008

I'm headed out of town for a little queer underground rendezvous up North, but here are a few things to occupy your time over what I hope is a three day weekend for everybody.

Weeklies and Bar Nights

Drunk and Horny
Sorta like those high school parties you'd wished you'd had. Get drunk, flirt with boys, and dance to good-time party standards. Reliable, easy-going, and a short stumble home, but beware that it gets claustrophobically crowded. Check out my reviews of Drunk and Horny.
9PMish - 2.00AM (with maybe an afterparty)
Underground SF, 424 Haight Street x Webster

Frisco Disco at The Transfer
Every Saturday night they're lined up on the street for this party; haven't made it past the sweating crowds myself yet, but this looks like one of the hottest things going right now. A couple readers weren't so crazy about a recent party there, but you should check it out yourself and let me know what you think.
No cover listed
9.00PM - 2.00AM
The Transfer, Church at Market

Hot Mess at The Stud
A Gus Presents production with DJ Kidd Sysko spinning a little disco punk, a little hip-hop, and a lot of club. Check out the link for his Top 20 and decide for yourself.
10PM - 3AM
The Stud, 9th x Harrison.

Monthlies and One-Offs

Chrome at The Gangway
A queer rock monthly from the same guys who bring you Trans Am. Show up later unless you really like hanging out with Tenderloin bar flys.
9PM - 3AM
Larkin x Geary

The Show at The EndUp
With George Cochrane and Shawn Allan, Sleazemore (Lights Down Low), Eric Sharp, Paul Guido, and DJ Rooz.
10PM to 12 Noon Sunday (yes, 14 hours)
FREE before 11, no cover listed
The EndUp, 6th x Harrison

Joy Stick at The Cinch
80s Music and Video Games in a fun Tenderloin bar.
9PM - 3AM
No cover
The Cinch, Polk x Clay

The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends: Kontrol Underground with Mike Huckby
Got the word about this from Nikola Baytala yesterday (who I have an unfortunate tendency to confuse with other people). No info other than it's at 58 Tehama Street, featuring Detroit Techno supastar Mike Huckaby.

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