Monday, January 28, 2008

Thanks to Everyone for a Smashing Debut of Fuck Shit, Let's Dance!

On Friday evening Lord Kook and I were seriously worried about how well the debut of Fuck Shit, Let's Dance would go over. We'd done all the work you're supposed to do, we'd sent the emails, put up the posters, handed out flyers left and right, even gotten the MySpace page up and running, but then came the rain. Driving up from San Jose on Friday afternoon, where I had to go to pick up Lord Kook after another gig he'd played on Thursday night (more on that later), I resolved myself to the idea that if we just had a few friends turn out, had some drinks and played some music, that would be fine. I was ready to pay the DJs and everyone out of my own pocket, just to make sure that everyone was covered for the night.

Well, who would have thought that we could get 130 people to show up on one of the worst nights, weather-wise, that we've had in weeks? At one point I looked in on the dance floor during DJ6's set and could only think "wow, this is my happening and it kind of freaks me out." Boys and girls, gay, straight, and everything in between, were shaking their asses with an intensity like I have not seen at any Deco event previously. Many friends were in attendance, but there were also many people I didn't know, so I guess we must have done an OK job of getting the word out.

So I owe special shout-outs to members of the local crews who came out and supported us: Kitten, Randerella, Neon, and a whole bunch of other fun folks from Comfort and Joy; Jeff, Gary and Sparky from Drunk and Horny; Ken Vulsion and DJ Pee Play from Honey Sound System; iii for providing us with a DVD of awesome visuals; DJ Candy from Bender; and Alex and DJ Donimo from Heat. And of course, there was the FSLD crew, with DJ Neco D helping out as our coat check girl, and Scooter on the door. Huge thanks to everyone for coming out, it was an awesome, awesome night and we're looking forward to our next installment on February 22nd with our guests Baron von Luxxury and Johnatron tag-teaming, and Aaron Neonbunny opening. It'll be a night of crazy, crazy electro, and this time maybe it won't rain!


tgeller said...

Can't wait for the next one!

The Clique said...

'twas a night to remember...thanks guys!!

Johnatron said...

I can't wait either!

Who lives in SJ???? I do too.

The Jaded Gay DJ said...

Hey Johnatron, here's the answer to your question of what we were doing in San Jose:

Further Confusion 2008 Review. What an amazing little firestorm this seems to have kicked up!