Friday, January 18, 2008

The Return of the How Weird Street Faire, May 4th?

Ah, the always attentive eye of SFScene spotted a scoop this morning: as I was walking into work I noticed a sign on a lamp post for a proposed "traffic variation;" on closer inspection it was notice of a hearing for the closure of Howard Street between 1st and New Montgomery, and 2nd Street between Howard and Folsom, for the How Weird Street Faire on May 4th! So, assuming there's no protest (and I can't see why there would be, as this is all commercial property through here and it becomes a ghost town on the weekends), we'll see the glorious return of the How Weird Street Faire on May 4th! Yayayayayayayay! And best yet, since my office is right in the middle of it all, I'll have an easy way to escape the crowds and use the potty! Double yayayayayay!

Remember you heard it here first, kids; count on SFScene to sniff out all the deets on what's going on way before those "other" nightlife sites that make their money from, and give all their attention to, the mainstream club scene.

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