Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Event Review: Big Top at the Transfer

This was a pretty quiet weekend for me and the boyfriend, since we've both been laid low by the coughing crud, but Sunday night, after seeing Indiana Jones at the Castro with Kitty, we felt the need to do something to celebrate the occasion of a long weekend, and so headed over to check out Joshua J's Big Top party at The Transfer.

Now, straight out, drag queen DJs spinning freestyle pop is never going to rank high on my list of must-attend events, but I am coming to accept that, for some events, it's not really so much about the music as who is there, and judging from the crowd on Sunday, Big Top is the place to go for cute young guys on the randy make. I'd pretty much written off The Transfer as a place that I want to spend any time, but now they've opened up a back room, with its own bar and banquette seating, so there's a place to chill out and have an actual conversation when the din in the other room gets to be too much for you. This meant the boyfriend and I wound up hanging out for at least one more drink than we normally would have.

Joshua does a bang-up job with decorating the place, though I personally could do without the leering clown heads. I also have to praise his taste in porn; pierced punk boys always work for me, and I'm very anxious to see what kind of antics his go-gos get up to at Mr. next month. If Big Top isn't necessarily about the music, it certainly is about the sex, and I for one found myself, for the first time in a long time, more revved up after leaving the club than I was before I came in.

The one bummer of the night was that Joshua got all his music, turntable cartridges, and headphones jacked by his taxi driver; he told the guy to wait a minute while he went into Superstar, and when he came out the guy was gone. So, go out to Joshua's Booty Call at The Bar on Castro this Wednesday and show your support if you've had a good time at Big Top, he's got a lot of gear to buy before the next party.

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