Monday, May 19, 2008

Event Review: Fuzzpod Live at the Bollyhood Cafe

On Friday evening, before popping over to Heat at The Stud, the boyfriend and I checked out Fuzzpod at The Bollyhood Café at 19th and Mission. Fuzzpod is the recording project of DJ Xan-X from the Ambi-sonic collective, and provided a pleasant hour of dubbed-out downtempo with live vocals, flute, and violin over electronic beats and soundscapes. The most remarkable aspect of the performance was that none of the people singing or playing live had rehearsed together before, so it was a display of very talented musicianship all around. It would be nice to see a little more performance baked into their next live appearance, since, to my ear, downtempo is about sitting back and listening more than watching a band, but I’m sure that the performance will emerge over time as this group does the tour of hipster cafes.

As for the Bollyhood Cafe, it's a cute little space that seems to have a diverse clientele, but it would be nice if they had someone behind the bar who could actually manage the work, and if the "Indian tapas" menus was a bit more substantial.

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