Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hearing on Proposed Culture and Music Amendment, Friday June 27

Terrance Alan has been spearheading a movement to amend the San Francisco city charter to include a section on preserving music and culture - among various other practical things, this means that all downtown development, such as the proposed Easter Neighborhoods plan, would have to take the existence of current cultural and music venues (clubs) into consideration when putting together development plans. It would also stipulate that any increases in fees for cultural events would have to be approved by the Board of Supes, rather than just being levied by city department (this has been a huge issue for events like How Weird, and even Pride, which have faced exorbitant fee increases that challenge their ability to produce the events).

Having made its way past the Entertainment Commission, the new amendment is slated for a hearing this Friday, June 27, at 10AM in front of the Board of Supervisors' Rules Committee at City Hall, Room 263. If it passes this hurdle, the next step would be a vote before the Board, and then I believe it goes to the voters for approval in November. So, if you have an interest in seeing San Francisco nightlife preserved, you should go and show your support at this hearing.

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