Friday, June 13, 2008

The Story of Mr.

This was supposed to appear as a bit of advertorial in Gloss, but for some reason they "dropped the ball" and it didn't make it - I will refrain from bitchy speculation about why that might have happened (oh, to hell with it, I think it's because I actually know how to do things like use a comma), but I like being able to tell the story of how Mr. came together, so here it is for you all.

There’s nothing like throwing a party for your friends and knowing that you’ve provided them with a memorable evening. Unless it’s getting together with a group of those friends to throw a party. For several hundred people. That’s how Mr., the Official Friday Night Opening Party for San Francisco Gay Pride, came into being – because a group of friends from across the gay party scene wanted to collaborate to create something special for one of the most special weekends of the year.

It was while we were working together to defeat the promoter permit legislation that David Peterson of Fag Fridays told me about putting together a Gay Pride party, and invited me and my crew from Fuck Shit, Let’s Dance! to participate. As result, one very warm and slightly hungover Saturday morning we met with David and his partner Jose, Juan from Beatbox Events, and Joshua J from Big Top to talk about what we’d like to do, and Mr. was born. Though we come from across the spectrum of the gay party scene, from the Castro to the Tenderloin, from pop music to techno, from small dive bars to major clubs, we all agreed that this party should represent the diversity of the San Francisco scene, and that anyone from out of town should leave thinking they had had a quintessentially San Francisco experience. We came up with Mr. as the name because we liked that it could be both tough and silly, depending on how you said it, and settled on a mustache theme for our flyers because we think of ourselves as drawing a subversive little mustache on the typical party scene expectations.

After that it was all about putting together a DJ line-up that could truly do justice to the wide range of talent in our scene. We came up with so much talent, in fact, that we need three areas to hold them all. From the pop side we have DJ Zax, Kidd Sysko, and Omar, with Lord Kook and DJ David Harness bringing the techno and dirty electro, and the downtempo team of Neco D and DJ Mak in the outdoor lounge. Whatever your taste in music, we’ve got something that will make you groove.

Mr. takes place at Mighty, 119 Utah Street, from 10PM – 6AM on Friday, June 27. It’s $10 at the door until midnight, $20 after, and $10 advance tickets are available at Ticketweb. Hope to see you there smiling!

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