Thursday, June 26, 2008

Upcoming Event: Comfort and Joy Afterglow Party, Saturday June 28

Okay kids, there's just so much going on this weekend that I've decided to dispense with the usual Friday and Saturday night guides cuz it's just too complicated, so I'm simply going to tell you about what I think the best parties of the weekend will be. Aside from our own Mr. party at Mighty on Friday Night (which is also up against a private party from queer Burners The Burning Marys, also a recommended event), my main recc for the weekend is Comfort and Joy's Afterglow party, which is now in it's third consecutive year. Alterna Burner queers, cozy private residence, good music, play space - what more do you want? Check out the Comfort and Joy blog for info about both Afterglow and Burning Marys.

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