Thursday, June 19, 2008

Peeplay's Big Adventure

Some of you may already be aware that our local DJ-about-town, Peeplay, is on a big European adventure from London to Rome to Berlin and then back to DJ with Horsemeat Disco at the Glastonbury Festival (yes, I know, if he wasn't such a nice guy I'd totally hate him for being so fabulous). For anyone who would like to follow his adventures (which so far includes Gay Bingo in London, playing for a massive crowd of Roman freaks, having the lovely experience of dealing with the Italian transportation system, and having the "dirtiest sex of my life in a backroom" in Berlin) he is chronicling them all on the Homochic blog. I just hope that once he's been to Berlin he'll still want to come back - lord knows, when I lived there in 1996 I sure didn't want to.

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