Monday, February 12, 2007

Black Rock Roller Disco

I'm firmly of the opinion that the only time you should ever listen to disco is on roller skates. Fortunately, the Black Rock Roller Disco can provide both, and even throw in projections from such roller disco classics as Xanadu and Roller Boogie. At a recent fundraiser the BRRD held at CellSpace for SF Indiefest they ran out of skates by 10PM and there was a line of 20something hipster kids halfway down the block outside at 11. The BRRD will certainly be having more events as the Burning Man fundraiser season gets going, and there may even be a chance to check them out in Golden Gate Park or at the Embarcadero. Bring a bottle of the stuff you would have smuggled into the roller rink and relive the halcyon days of knee socks and feathered hair.
(An interesting Chronicle article on the BRRD from 2003.)

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