Monday, February 26, 2007

The Stooges in the New York Times

There's an article, with video, in the New York Times about The Stooges new album, The Weirdness. Check it out to see Iggy Pop still rocking at 60, looking hells better than Mick Jagger and Keith (Dessicated Corpse) Richards. The album sounds very "eh," but The Stooges were a hugely formative band for the younger gay DJ, before he became jaded. My cousin's wife, Tony, grew up in Ann Arbor and was briefly courted by Iggy, who sang a Beach Boys song to her in a local diner, and whom she accompanied on a quest one night to score. Both of my vintage Stooges albums come from her, and "I Wanna Be Your Dog" was the soundtrack to my nascent explorations in all things kink.

I have one story of Iggy Pop in person; I was an extra for the John Waters movie Crybaby, in which Iggy had a role. During a fight scene one night Iggy got a huge gash on his leg when a table fell over, the corner slicing right into him. Shooting stopped immediately, and while everyone else ran around, calling ambulances and panicing, Iggy just stood there, watching himself bleed and saying "Oh, that's nothing." Now that's rock and roll.

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