Monday, February 26, 2007

Matt Jakes, RIP

I'm very sad to report that Matt Jakes, DJ with the Ambient Mafia, my boyfriend's former roommate, and a tried-and-true member of the San Francisco party scene decided last Thursday, February 22, that this sad and fucked-up world was more than his soul could bear. Matt had been under a lot of strain since the death of his father several months ago, and despite negotiating the sale of his father's multi-national business and the subsequent setting of himself up for life, Matt came to the unfortunate conclusion that there was nothing left for him to do with himself.

Jeremy and I went out to Skylawn Cemetary on Saturday for the viewing before the burial, and the best thing I can say is that there were many people there to send Matt off. I would have been happier to see a big party going on, with friends spinning the crazy ghetto-tech that Matt used to love to play to fuck with people, but instead there were a lot of kids in black, smoking cigarettes and looking very shook up.

Matt and I didn't hang out that much, but I always enjoyed his company when he did. My favorite story about him was a very fucked-up conversation in which he said that he thought of Jeremy as being kind of a little sister, which amused both Jeremy and me to no end. Matt also got me a gig once, playing at a pot club, a crazy night that was very fun and endlessly amusing.

So long Matt, I wish things had gone differently for you.

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