Monday, February 26, 2007

Throw Down at Planet Big!

Richard, stalwart door guy for Drunk and Horny and various other club nights around town, reported on Saturday night that he got busted for assault last weekend at The Stud's Planet Big after a round of unwarrented belly-bumping caused a beer bottle to fly across the room, resulting in an injury, a pissed-off boyfriend, and a nasty sucker punch.

As Richard told the story, he was at Planet Big to check out the space for a possible job as door guy there. Richard is a large guy himself, and though he's not into the bear crowd, they were waaaay into him, expressing their affection through aggressive belly-bumping. As Richard was getting it from all around, the beer bottle he was holding flew out of his hand and impacted on the head of a skinny guy on the dancefloor, drawing blood. The large boyfriend decided to throw down right there with Richard, but, being the calm and cool guy that he is, Richard invited him to go outside where it was quiet and talk the matter over. At the door there was a bit more of a fracas, with Richard putting the big boyfriend in an arm lock and trying to drag him outside the club, only to get sucker-punched by someone from behind. At this point Richard decided to cut his losses and just leave, but instead of going home, he decided to make the rounds of a couple other bars. Unfortunately, as he was leaving one, a police cruiser came by with the injured guy in it, who pointed out Richard as the guy who had clocked him with a beer bottle. Richard wound up spending the night in lock-up, but the charges against him will likely be dismissed.

Two lessons here kids: one, keep away from those big bellys if you're not ready to bump back (esp. on International Bear Rendezvous weekend, when all those bears are boiling with testosterone), and two, after you've been in a throw-down, just go the hell home and hide out for a while.

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