Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Philip Sherburne on "New Rave"

Last month the New York Times ran an article on British band The Klaxons and the "rave renaissance" in England. In his "This Month in: Techno" column for Pitchfork last month, Philip Sherburne takes a closer look at the "New Rave" movement springing up in both England and Germany. It's an interesting read, especially in light of the general banality of dance culture here in San Francisco, which had an amazing rave scene as late as 2000. Will we ever see the likes of Toon Town again? Or have we been so demographically segmented, so beaten down by the twin hammers of hip-hop and indie rock, that bringing people together for a night of truly psychedelic experiences is no longer possible? I still hold onto my JNCOs, visor, and binky in the hope that they'll bring me through one more night of genuine PLUR.

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