Thursday, February 28, 2008

The End of Fag Fridays, the Beginning of Something New

This morning I received an email from a regular reader asking me "Is Fag Friday's ending, for good?" I had heard a few rumours around this, so I checked the event schedule for Pink and discovered that Fag Fridays wasn't on the calendar after tomorrow night! I sent an email to David Peterson, who, along with his partner Jose Mineros, have been the guiding force behind San Francisco's longest-running gay dance night, and received confirmation that, indeed, tomorrow night will be the last Fag Friday ever.

This is definitely the end of an era in gay nightlife, and prompts musings on how things have changed in the gay dance scene since the first party the boys threw back in 1996. But the good news is that David tells me they will continue to do one-off parties for big gay events like Pride and Folsom Street, and that they are even working on opening a venue of their own. They are also starting a record label, Thread Recordings, with their first single, David Harness' "The Rhythm," set to drop next week on

If you've ever had a dancefloor moment at Fag Fridays, you should head out tomorrow night for your last chance to feel that special house vibe, and to wish David and Jose good luck with their new endeavors.

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