Friday, September 7, 2007

Comfort and Joy Issues Statement Regarding Burning Man Suicide

Comfort and Joy has released a statement regarding the suicide that was committed at their camp at this year's Burning Man. For all those who wondered how no one could have noticed the body, how they could let him hang for two hours and think it was performance art, and all the other misinformation that has been spread (primarily by those bastions of hard journalism, USA Today and Fox News), here are all the answers: no such things happened. The suicide took place in the early morning, in the hour between when a camp member checked on the tent (a very large, two story, Moroccan tent with beams) and when another camp member came in, and as soon as the person who came into the tent saw the guy, Germaine, hanging there, he went over to check it out, realized what had happened, and immediately summoned the Emergency Medical Services Team. Anything else you've heard or read is conjecture from people who don't know what they were talking about.

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