Thursday, September 27, 2007

Paul Addis Arraigned on September 25

So two days ago Paul Addis, "alleged" arsonist of The Man, was arraigned in Pershing County District Court. According to this interview in Wired (which further confirms just about everything I've thought about the man to this point - hey, did you know that all us folks who go to Burning Man and have tech jobs don't do *anything* creative when we come back to the city?), he planned to plead "not guilty." I've not been able to track down any accounts of the proceedings yet, but will doing my best to dig it out. Since there were eye witnesses, and no one is going to take his blarney story about "Black Rock Intelligence" seriously, I think he's digging himself into a big hole, but that's his business. Let's see how well his Hunter S. Thompson act flies in state prison.

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