Thursday, September 27, 2007

Your Saturday Guide for September 29, 2007 (Lovefest!)

Lovefest, LOVEFEST! Okay, so it's not nearly the orgasmic ecstatic dancing in the streets and on telephone poles full-on fiesta of its Berlin cousin, but we do try, right?

For my money the absolute best thing to do is head down to Civic Center around 1.00PM and dance your ass off until the fog rolls in and you're so exhausted you can't move, then hit the hot tub with your fave beverage. But for those of you who still have the stamina and the need for more, more, more, well, you know what, the Official Lovefest Website has the listing of everything I know about, so go check that out.

My best bets for big party action
  • Tantra at SoMarts (psystrance and psychill)
  • Seismic at Mighty (breaks and mash-up)
  • The Lovefest Experiment No. 6 (with some visuals and music by my buddy Tari) at Fat City (breaks, house, etc)
  • Maybe the Opel party at Temple (though I haven't checked out that space yet) (house, breaks, progressive)
  • Whatever underground you can pick up fliers for at Civic Center (Hello, Kontrol, I'm here!)

Stuff to avoid like the plague
  • Infected Mushroom at 1015 (hide it in your panties, kids, and watch out for the bangers)
  • The Bill Graham massive monstrosity (though I'd love to hear John "00" Fleming)
  • Crystal Method at Ruby Skye (Crystal Method? That's so 1999)


Anonymous said...

have you heard anything about the loaded party? cannot find any additional info beyond what's on the fsf event page, and the flyer is way to small. grr. looking for something a bit off.... err... the beaten path (groan)

Anonymous said...

Loaded? *laugh* That was a gay sex party. Who cares about the music? What do you expect from TIM? It was really fukkin hot, too.

The official after-party was worth it JUST for Gabriel & Dresden's set!