Monday, December 10, 2007

Cafe Flore Lives!

On Saturday I ran into former Grand Duke Brian Busta at a friend's birthday BBQ, and he told me that he had been at the Planning Commission meeting for Cafe Flore, where they got everything they wanted and more.

Cafe Flore (located in the heart of the Castro at the intersection of Noe and Market) has been on a mission to expand into a 24-hour food service operation, with the ability to serve drinks and have DJ music until 2AM and to have outdoor seating all night. There were the usual neighbors (most of whom live over a block away), who complained that this would mean more noise, more crime, and more stuff they generally didn't want (just read the comments over on eater.sf to get a sense of the flavor). Meanwhile, JD Petras, the owner, waged a bit of a campaign of his own, raising fears that Cafe Flore would have to close if it wasn't able to expand in these ways.

I'm glad this one got through; as the boyfriend and I discussed last night, it means that now there's someplace other than Sparky's and Orphan Andy's to go for food after the bars close, or when we're feeling just generally a bit too stimulated to go home and lay around the apartment. I'm especially anxious to see what this scene will look like in the warm months; maybe it will give us back a littl of the old school Castro flavor, when you didn't go home to your computer afterhours to hook up.

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Ken Vulsion said...

And also DJ's can still play there. I have been spinning there for the last three years !