Thursday, December 13, 2007

Upcoming Event: Honey Sound System Presents The Mineshaft, Sunday December 1

A couple weeks ago Ken Vulsion of Honey Sound System was telling the boyfriend and I about meeting John Hedges, aka Johnny Disco, the founder of Megatone Records, which itself was home to artists like Sylvester and Patrick Cowley. Mr. Disco recently moved to Palm Springs and bequeathed over 2000 classic disco singles, along with three boxes of stuff that included unreleased tracks still on the original tapes, to the HSS crew.

This Sunday the HSS boys are setting the wayback machine for 1978 and hosting a party at the former home of the Sutro Baths, where they hope to revive some of the hedonistic glory of Hedges' days as resident DJ at the Mineshaft club. Of course disco drives me crazy, but if there's a crew that I trust to make it work for even a grump like me, it would be these guys.

103 Harriet Street (Folsom x 6th)
9PM - 3AM


Anonymous said...

Hmm, sounds a lot like an evening with Bus Station John!

Anonymous said...

If you have ever been to a Honey Soundsystem party (like Todd Terje) you would know there is a difference between what they do and what Bus Station John does.

Honey parties are much more about spectacle and dancing than strictly nostalgia.

This party is actually happening in the basement of 1015 Folsom, which is more like an actual Discotheque than any of the places Bus Station throws his events.

Anonymous said...

And if you've been paying attention to what this guy's been doing for what, the past ten(?) years, there's a lot more to BSJ's parties than "strictly nostalgia,' not that we think there's anything wrong with nostalgia. His passion for the music itself is obviously as deep as his collection; both have been cultivated over a life-time....And he doesn't seem to need a big space or big names to put on some pretty spectacular shows (though he did a great job maintaining the dance floor at the recent Paradise Disco all-nighter at Mezzanine). Anyway, why pit one approach against the other, there's room for everybody in this scene.

M said...

Wait... 1015 used to be the Sutro Baths?!?

Holy shit. No wonder there's still some good mojo around that place (though the city has been doing its best to quash it for years now...)