Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"bottle service helps you get laid"

One of my daily compulsions is checking the Google Analytics for this blog - it's interesting to see, for example, what keywords bring people to the site, and which articles are of most interest. Back in August I published a list of the top five search terms, as well as the top five most absurd terms that people used to reach my blog (which is rather interesting for how much it's changed in five months - Vintage 415? Bryan Hughes? But the Rhythm Society continues to rule, mainly because they have quarterly parties and everybody is looking for information about them). So today I'm poking through and what do I see in the keywords section but "bottle service helps you get laid." Now, since this was a search term, I take it that the person who entered it into Google actually intended it as a question, as I can't imagine why, if you were already sure of that fact, you would be searching for affirmation. Is this true? Does bottle service get you laid? Or does it just make you look like a schmuck with too much money who is willing to spend it to try and get some? What do you think, readers?

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Dan said...

For bottle service to get you laid, you first have to get the contents of that bottle down the gullet of the object of your desire.